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 “Yo me llamo cumbia, yo soy la reina por donde voy
no hay una cadera que se esté quieta donde yo estoy
mi piel es morena como los cueros de mi tambor
y mis hombros son un par de maracas que besa el sol”.
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By Alexander Lozano


The word Cumbia is derived from the African lingo "Cumbe" meaning festivity or party. Cumbia is a Colombian rhythm and dates back to 18th century, in the Atlantic coast of the country, and is the result of a long process the blending of three cultural elements, the indigenous, European and African from which the gaita, maracas and drums were adopted.

Its distant origin is part of the fabric of the history of Latin America when the indigenous labor became scarce for the work in the mines and other harsh work; the Spaniards started importing Africans to supply the colony with a new source of workers. From the fusion of the African drums, the melodic indigenous gaita and simple harmonious Spanish rhythms, the cumbia was born.

Around the time of Simon Bolivar (1800's), this happy Caribbean rhythm takes form in the upper valley of the Magdalena river, with the town of El Banco (Magdalena) as its focal point. But is worth noting that the exact place of origin in Magdalena is not known and is a good source of passionate and controversial arguments, like the song says MY NAME IS CUMBIA "I was born in the beautiful Caribbean beaches of my country; I'm Barranquillera, Cartagenera, I'm from there; I'm from Santa Marta, I'm Monteriana but most of all I'm Colombian, the beautiful land where I was born"

Always imitated but never equaled. Considered by many the queen of the Caribbean rhythms; the combination of African drums, local melodies and Indian dances. The cumbia, is the purest expression of Colombian miscegenation.

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